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Our Strength

APP Europe has a number of top-ranking manufacture bases in Asia. In the fastener & rubber product area, we have accumulated much experience in the development and production of rubber products fasteners. We have professional production equipment for rubber products and fasteners, the ability to research and develop new rubber and plastic compounds. We also have a full production line of heat & surface treatment, plastic products and plastic chrome plating.

In the casting & forging industry, we are capable to finish most technics, such as alloy smelting, die casting, clean, ball blast, precision machining of castings & forgings, pattern machining, machining of all kinds of mechanical fitting parts, spray-painting in surface, complete-set products assembly and so on. The main equipments include CNC, lathes, planer milling machines, drill presses, grinding machines, EDM shaping machines, numeric control linear cutting machines, etc. We have a complete set of physical and chemical inspection methods including mechanical inspection, metallo-microscope examination, nondestructive inspection, chemical analysis, non-metallic material analysis, etc.

In battery industry, we manufacture Zinc-Air reserve batteries and Zinc-Air storage batteries. These batteries can be used under all kinds of bad environmental conditions. They have the special characteristic of water resist, and have the characteristics of small size, lightweight, steady discharge voltage, high specific energy, and no necessity for maintenance. The battery can be used as a direct power supply for buoy lights on rivers, lakes and the sea, railway signal lights, illumination, earthquake surveying equipments, communication facilities, other not high energy equipments (such notebook computer) and power battery and so on.

Furthermore, in APP Europe, there are a number of pioneering and enterprising technical staffs and operational staffs with high-education background and rich professional knowledge. We can provide you detailed product advice, sound technical support and warm after-sale service at any moment and anywhere.

We represent products

1. Agent of RWG on aerospace bearings, individual solutions for commercial and military aerospace

2. Metals importing

3. Fasteners, gears, castings and forgings

4. Rolling machines, rolling dies

5. tools and mould, cutting tools

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