APP Europe’s fasteners include standard parts, non-standard parts, assembly for aviation, aerospace, machinery, electronics, medical, automobiles, marine, and railway.

We have accumulated much experience in the development and production of various fasteners. We have a professional production equipment for fasteners. We also have a full production line of heat & surface treatment, chrome plating. We have a complete set of physical and chemical inspection methods including mechanical inspection, metallo-microscope examination, nondestructive inspection, chemical analysis, non-metallic material analysis, etc.

APP Europe’s products are conforming to the standards DIN, GB, AMS, ASIN, BS, JIS, ISO, and so on, we also have the ability to design and produce products in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Specifications are between M1 and M45, intensity levels from Grade 4.8 to Grade 12.9 (we can also reach a higher intensity according to the material and request), the materials we use are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, heat-resistant steel, titanium and other non-ferrous metals.

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